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About the Bark and Bubble Pet Salon

Pet Grooming is all about making your pet beautiful and happy. That's what we are all about. It is also about making you, as the pet owner happy and able to enjoy your pet in the day to day interactions. What could be more wonderful than a doggy hug or kiss after a long day at work.........I know...... A doggy hug or kiss that is soft and clean and fresh smelling!!!! Ahh, no regrets :).

Combing the Fur

Thats where I come in!  ( Jean Tower)


I am the owner and operator of The Bark and Bubble Pet Salon. After selling my 2nd in Latham I have put my full energy into the Delanson salon. That said, I am here for you. I keep up to date on products and what is new in the markets. I continue my growth as a groomer with yearly education and strive to provide you with the best the industry has to offer. Most importantly, I strive to provide a loving, peaceful environment in my salon for the well-being of your pets. Grooming can be stressful for a pet and I want your dogs to feel safe and cared for while they are with me.

Welcome Racheal Tarkett to our grooming family!! Its been wonderful working alone all these years but I was ready for a partner. She is a sweet heart and I chose her with great consideration. She cares deeply for pets and is eager to please the pet owner. She is an experienced and talented groomer and I'm very excited to be working with her. I know you will love her!


My Bathers are the best. Bathing your pets is a huge part of the grooming process. I train them myself and oversee the process as we work together to make your dog shine. Each dog or cat placed in my bathers care is given a shampoo and conditioning that is determined by the pets needs. We have shampoo for itchy skin or for extra dirty coats, as well as flea treatments, blueberry facials or just a great smelling shampoo. These bathers are the boldest and best... braving a good soaking from a husky or the icky smell of anal glands being expressed.  What would I do without them.  ( Well, I would do the bathing in my raincoat!  ha ha)

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