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This is where the paw hits the grooming salon table. I offer a variety of services to care for your pets. Most are included in the price for a full groom. There are some exceptions, like the Add on Services.


Full Groomings include:

We use only the best shampoos in the industry.

After trying many different companies over the years, I have come to love EZ groom products. They are long lasting, hardworking and hypoallergenic to the dogs. Top, top quality and lots of options to meet your needs.


Flea bite treatments

Fragrance free



Basic cleaning in a variety of scents

I have also introduced a new line of all natural shampoos and conditioners targeted to aid in skin conditions and promote healing called Naturals!

These include a CBD option. Feel free to request this option at no extra charge



We have conditioners for dry skin, restoring healthy skin ph or help with de-matting, giving your pet a soft silky finish.




I am trained to groom and style all breeds of dogs and cats. This is the fun part. I get to give your pet a hair cut that suits you and your pets life style and meets your needs. Creating a cute, beautiful or just practical style for you.



Other Services included with your full groom

Nail trimming

Ear plucking and cleaning

Anal gland expression

Pads of the feet and private areas hair free

Combing out knots that are not matts




Add on Services


These are done by request from the owner and are an additional cost.


Nail grinding $5

Teeth cleaning $5

Flea bath to kill fleas $10

* if we find fleas, you will receive a call to let you know about the fleas and a flea bath must be given to prevent "sharing".*

Nail polish $3

Special requests

No one likes pricing surprises so...


I have a naughty fee  $10.  This is only for dogs that act in an extreme and dangerous manner. I work on dogs and cats that may try to bite me during the grooming process. (Not all animals appreciate the finer points of grooming) I do NOT charge this fee for the average nipper. This is only applied to a pet when I feel that I am at risk for a serious bite or the grooming takes much longer due to behavior issues. Rarely an issue.


Just call ahead and come right over for these!!!


Just call ahead and if I'm available you can come right over. These only take a few minutes while you wait!!


Nail trimmings  $10

Ear cleaning      $5

Anal Gland expression $10

Need a matt taken off behind the ears or in the tail? Come on in and I will get it out for you for only $5-$10


The Half-Do!!!

This is a scheduled appointment to freshen up a pet that may not be ready for a full grooming. It includes a bath, brush out, ears and nails and it is half the price of your regular full groom.



We really want to be your partner in caring for your family pets. If there is anything that we didn't cover here, please just call and ask.


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